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Community description:This community is for all those who are interested in body modification - from fans to practitioners

This will assist everyone in finding answers to questions they may have in the future and for us to assist in helping answer YOUR questions in YOUR post!

"There's a difference between being stupid and mean, and being right and mean."
- atrophie
"I can kick you in the face and help you up at the same time; it's a complicated skill, but we've nailed it."
- splatterhouse

This community is for those that are interested in body modification - from the fans of it to the practitioners to the casual observers who are just interested in the culture surrounding tattoos, piercings, brandings, scarification and every other element of body modification.

We strive to keep an open dialog between our members. To achieve this, we ask that you keep the following out of our community:
- spam.
- attention-whoring.
- hotlinking.
- asking which piercing suits you best (see below for where to go for that).
- requests for tattoo ideas or asking for placement ideas (these are up to you and your tattoo artist).
- asking if your modification looks good (post it, you'll get opinions regardless of asking).
- deleting your post and/or your comments (or comments of others); if you delete content, it may contain information that is relevant to the interests and/or education of others and they will miss out on it, which defeats the purpose of the community as a whole. We go to great lengths to catalog information for the members of the community, so please don't slap us in the face by denying others access to that information, even if you think your comment doesn't contain viable information.
- posts that have comments disabled.
- insisting on a diagnosis for someone else's ailment
- using the word "gauged" as an adjective (ie; "I have gauged ears!") or incorrectly as a verb (ie; "I'm going to gauge my septum and make it bigger!"), or - goodness help us all - as a noun (ie; "I've gauged my gauges and need to buy some new gauges for 'em!").
- similarly, referring to a tattoo as a "tat", or - even more revoltingly - as a "tatty".
- it is not a "parlor"... it's a shop or studio (parlors are for tea parties, ice cream, and/or handjobs).

Members that violate these simple requests may be banned with no warning. If you are having an issue with another member in the community, please post a comment to bodymodsadmin and we will figure out a fair solution.


Out of respect for other members, please place all pictures larger than 480x360 under an LJ-cut. If you have more than one picture, you may post one (with the size restrictions) before the LJ-cut and the rest will need to go under it. If someone requests that you use an LJ-cut after the fact... DO IT. You can learn how to use LJ-cut and other tags here. If your pictures are even remotely unsafe for work, please place them behind a cut and mark it NSFW. Posts that violate these guidelines may be deleted without warning.


Please keep in mind that all questions should be thoroughly researched and that opinions are merely opinions. It is sometimes difficult to discern who is a professional and who is not, but if there is a general concensus on something, then it's probably best you listen to the majority. Examples: Surface piercings are difficult to heal, there are age limits on piercings/tattoos for a reason, bactine and listerine are bad... biotene & sea salt soaks (for piercings), unscented Lubriderm or A&D (for tattoos) and leaving it the hell alone are good.

Related Communities

- gaugetrade (for 6g+ jewelry) &bodmodtrade - If you would like to buy/sell/trade jewelry, please do it in those communities. Not here.
-modartistreview - This community provides reviews for piercers, tattoo artists, etc. around the world. Please go review your modification artists and check out reviews in your area. While we also have reviews in this community (check our tags), modartistreview is dedicated solely to reviews.
- piercingopinion - This community can assist in the quest for validating your vapid mindless vanity. If you absolutely must fish for compliments, please go there.
- shitty_mods&bad_piercings - If you want to see what BAD modifications look like, these are the communities for you. There is no room for trolling in those communities and there ARE flamewars... you have been warned ;D

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